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Our History

Referent in catering companies in Córdoba


Grupo HC Hoteles, more than 30 years of experience.

Three decades of life guarantee HC as one of the best catering companies in Córdoba. Its roots and tradition in the province is unquestionable. 30 years have passed since José Portal decided in 1987 to create what is now Grupo HC Hoteles. The origin of this great family business is found in the opening of a small shop located in Dos Torres. Over the years, it was launching new facilities of coffee shops, restaurants and hotels spread across the province of Cordoba and nearby, being the flagship establishment in the heart of Dos Torres, in the central Plaza de Torrefranca, the flagship Of the brand. Undoubtedly, this is largely responsible for the great recognition that The HC Hotels Group enjoys among the citizens of Cordoba and visitors.

The company, always betting on innovation and the creation of new business opportunities. Until it has become one of the most important catering companies in the north of Andalucia, a lot of time has passed, numerous projects are underway and many successes have been achieved. HC went from having a cafeteria to a celebratory room, then the restaurants and hotels started up, they currently have three hotels, restaurants and celebrations complexes spread across Córdoba and province, and first a catering service was created that has reported many satisfactions to HC. The branch has seen its position as a brand specialized in hospitality and catering in the north of the province of Córdoba and today can boast of being one of the best known companies in the area.

In order to provide a quality service, HC has its own resources, both material and human: it has a work team of about 250 employees – both staff and collaborators – and from its Central Kitchen they can prepare all kinds of dishes, cakes , ice cream and other foods that supply restaurants, coffee shops and catering.

The signs of identity that differentiate this from other catering companies in Córdoba are the quality in the broadest sense of the word: both in the treatment of the client and in the products and food that are served in their establishments and in the service of catering

The exquisiteness and elegance are other qualities that are associated with the name of Grupo HC Hoteles, something that is demonstrated both in the gastronomic proposals and in the presentation of these.

HC is a guarantee of quality in every way, a family business that is committed to taking care of all the details of any celebration, from the smallest to the most important aspects.