Cocktails trend to offer your wedding day

Cocktails trend to offer your wedding day

One of the most anticipated parties for guests at a wedding is cocktail hour. And at Hostepor Catering, our catering for weddings and events, we know it very well. So, let’s tell you what are the trends in cocktails so that your celebration is the latest.

Years ago we had to wait until the time of the open bar to try these delicious drinks, but in recent times have been incorporated into other moments of the wedding. And this is where the welcome cocktails appear.

Now, the couple is betting on offering a simple and quality aperitif accompanied by an aperitif cocktail bar to start opening their mouths.

The undisputed King of the party? The mojito Now it is betting on mojitos with more original flavors such as watermelon or mandarin, but without forgetting the great classics, such as mint or coconut.

One of the trends that comes stomping is the free alcohol or mocktails. More and more couples are betting on these non-alcoholic cocktails.

Without forgetting the juices based on natural fruits, which have a faithful audience among the wedding guests.

Another trend would be that of fizz drinks, characterized by giving a different texture based on citrus juice or sugars. A proposal completely opposite to the previous, healthier. Although in our Catering Hostepor we adapt to all tastes!

Add, also, that the hours of free bar have increased considerably. Now the parties last longer, so your wedding catering should choose to expand the variety of brands. In this way, guests can choose between several options.

In short, you can always order a delicious San Francisco or the famous Cosmopolitan, but the trends in cocktails will never cease to amaze us.

So if you want your guests to enjoy a 10 wedding, have Hostepor Catering.

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