5 Advantages of celebrating your wedding in the fall

5 Advantages of celebrating your wedding in the fall

Autumn is also a season with a special charm, and that is why more and more couples choose to celebrate their wedding at this time of year. The low temperatures and the good weather are leaving little by little. But autumn also has many other advantages, which we can take advantage of to celebrate your wedding.

From Hostepor Catering, our catering for weddings and events, we think that a wedding in autumn have many advantages, would you like to know some of them? Pay attention to this blog!

  1. The perfect season

Although it is common to celebrate weddings from April to September, we must also think that in those months the heat tightens.

However, in the fall it can be the perfect season to organize your wedding. Well, we avoid this time of so much heat, without reaching the cold winter cold. It is the time of transition in which time and temperatures can be ideal for the big day, because they have softened.

  1. Different decoration

We take advantage of this season to decorate your wedding with autumn motives. In this time the typical ones are dry wildflowers, lavender in colors like purple, dark pink, and fallen leaves in brown, ocher and mustard tones.

They can also give a special touch to the decoration based on small white lights, so they give more light to the weddings that are held at dusk and at night.

  1. Budget savings

The high season of weddings is from the month of April to September. That is why once in the fall it is more convenient to celebrate your wedding. The budget can be much more reduced. Well the prices of salons, caterings, and ultimately any detail of a wedding, can go down significantly.

This is a great advantage, because this way you can pay more attention to small details -those that make a difference- and make your wedding a very special celebration.

  1. Versatile clothing

When choosing clothes, as well as for the bride and the guests, we find a wide variety of options. Well, not doing much heat or cold, we have the option of wearing half sleeve dresses. Or also jacket and pants sets.

  1. Season menu

At Hostepor Catering, our catering for weddings and events, we believe that it is also important to take advantage of seasonal products that are of the highest quality for your wedding celebration; thus the final result of the menu will be much better.

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